Lean UX is a term that is used by many today in the tech industry. It refers to the need to create a product on a limited scale first to see how it fares in the market before ramping up your inventory. Increased inventory means increased expense. You should think about how to increase your inventory before you even envision your product on a mass production line. If you do not consider this aspect, you will never be able to produce on a large scale without putting your financial investment in jeopardy.

Test Development

It is important to continue testing the development of your prototype and ensure that it is ready for market. One of the worst case scenarios would be for a product to be sent to market that is not ready, or that has issues that are defective that cannot be recalled once they are distributed. Catching these problems early on is the key to Lean UX, and in making sure, you are only putting out high-quality items to your market base.

Testing and Fulfillment

When you locate a good distributor and engineering firm, you will want to ask them if they can help you with the testing and fulfillment process of your product line. The market is unpredictable, so you need to be ready to change your level of inventory and fulfillment and to do new testing on a moment’s notice as the market demand fluctuates.

Colocation of Services

Colocation of services is highly recommended when you are taking on a large project. This is especially true if you have an original design or prototype that you need to test, design, and market. Keeping your design team and distributors all in one place makes things easier when you need to communicate with them or to work on additions to your design. It also keeps your invention in one place as you add to the design or when you need to increase your inventory as the market demands.

When you find a design team that can deliver on all of these aspects, you will have a company that you can rely on no matter what tomorrow brings. Whether you are selling thousands of units a day or only a few per month, you will be ready when you have a distributor and inventory specialist who is also capable of helping with your design, procurement, wiring, and all other aspects of your creation.

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